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Flyway Farms | Winfield, Missouri

About Us

Welcome to Flyway Farms, a meticulously managed duck club located in Winfield, Missouri. With our relentless dedication to property management, we work tirelessly to ensure exceptional hunting experiences for our guests. Unlike your typical duck club, we go above and beyond to maximize success throughout the season.

Our guided waterfowl hunts take place from sunrise to 1 pm, providing ample time to immerse yourself in the thrill of the hunt. We understand that every moment counts, and our experienced team is committed to making the most of your time in the field.

At Flyway Farms, our properties are nestled in the stunning Mississippi Flyway river bottoms. This strategic location attracts a diverse range of migratory birds, offering an abundance of hunting opportunities. With a keen focus on preserving and enhancing the natural habitat, we create an environment that is both sustainable and conducive to successful hunts.

Join us for an extraordinary waterfowl hunting adventure. Experience the beauty of our properties located in the heart Mississippi Flyway!

Meet The Team

Riley Dickey
Owner | Waterfowl Enthusiast

The owner of Flyway Farms, dedicated to managing our properties for successful hunts.

Andrew Buie
Head Guide | Content Creator

Hunting and creating content in the hunting industry for over 12 years!